Since 1 January 2009 this website has been maintained by Franciscan Friars in West Papua through Franciscan Office of Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation (Sekretariat Keadilan, Perdamaian, dan Keutuhan Ciptaan/ SKPKC) as an effort to accurately portray the human rights situation in West Papua and to publicise it.
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SKP's Publications

Various Reports

  • Report of the KINGMI Church Synod on Cholera Plague in Kamuu, District of Dogiyai, July 2008
  • Report on the Flag raising in Fak-fak, 19 July 2008
  • The Shadow Report on the Practice of Torture in Aceh and Papua to the UN Committee against Torture, November 2007 ( pdf 728k )
  • NGO Report-Universal Periodic Review of the Republic of Indonesia, November 2007 ( pdf 266k )
  • Report on the situation of human rights in the District of Keerom, Papua Province, [October 2007]
  • Report on the situation in Mulia, [January 2007] ( pdf 59k )
  • Executive Summary of the Abepura Case of 16 March 2006, [September 2006] ( pdf 71k )
  • H.R. 2601 Foreign Relations Act Fiscal Years 2006 and 2007, July 2005. ( rtf 15k )
  • Appeal of the Papuan Customary Council, 29 July 2005.
  • Public Statement of LP3BH Manokwari, 21 July 2005.
  • Report of the Fact-Finding Team on the Assue Case, District of Mappi, February 2005.
  • Impacts of the sandlewood business on the livelihood of the Awyu and Wiyagar Peoples in Sub-District of Assue, District of Mappi, Southern Papua, 5 November 2004.
  • Preliminary Report of the Wamena Case, 4 April 2003
  • Executive Summary of the Inquiry Commission of the Human Rights Violations in Papua: the Abepura Case of 7 December 2000, [May 2001]
  • Tragic Incident in Wamena 6 October 2000: its prelude and aftermath, January 2001
  • Minutes of Meeting of the Government Council of the Province of Papua, 3 October 2000


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