This website is maintained by the Catholic Diocese of Jayapura the Franciscan Friars in West Papua through the Office of Justice and Peace (Sekretariat Keadilan dan Perdamaian/ SKP) as an effort to accurately portray the human rights situation in West Papua and to publicise it.
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The Profile of Jayapura Diocese

A brief history
Jayapura was part of the Apostolic Vicariate of Langgur in Maluku until 1948 when she was granted an apostolic prefect status with Most Rev. Oscar Cremers OFM as the Apostolic Prefect. This status was increased to the Apostolic Vicariate with Most Rev. Rudolf Yoseph Staverman OFM as the Apostolic Vicar from 1954-1966. In 1966 this area was granted a diocese status and officially declared on 3 December 1967. In 2004, the Western part of the Diocese became a new diocese, the Diocese of Timika.

Bishops of Jayapura
Here is the list of bishops of Jayapura:

  • The first bishop is Most Rev. Rudolf Yoseph Staverman OFM, 1967-1972.
  • The second bishop is Most Rev. Herman Marrie Müninghoff OFM, 1972-1997.
  • The third bishop is Most Rev. Leo Laba Ladjar OFM, 1997-now.
Board of the Diocese Office in 2002
  • Bishop:Most Rev. Dr Leo Laba Ladjar OFM
  • Vikjend: Rev. Neles Tebay
  • Secretary: Mr Hardus Desa, MA
  • Treasurer: Sr Modesta FSGM
Area and population
The Diocese of Jayapura is one of the four dioceses in Papua. Since the establishment of the Diocese of Timika, this area covers several regencies, including Biak-Numfor, Yapen-Waropen, Nabire, Paniai, Puncak Jaya, Jayawijaya, the Star Mountains, Kerom, Jayapura and Mimika, as large as 115,349 sq km. The 2002 Diocese Census counts that the congregation is 49,103 people. This figure is spread out in 25 parishes.

Ministries: parishes, schools, colleges for students, social justice, hospitals, media and aviation (Associated Mission Aviation).


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