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Special Report: the Human Rights Court of the Abepura Case
Reports on the Abepura case
Having been pending for more than three years since the Indonesian National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) submitted its report of the Inquiry Commission of Human Rights Violations of Abepura (KPP HAM Abepura) 2001, the court convened its proceedings in Makassar on 7 May 2004. However, the Coalition has identified major legal flaws in the whole process. For instance, the suspects are still in their offices and there are only two of them among twenty five listed by KPP HAM. In addition, the Prosecutor did not include a claim of compensation for the victims in his charge. Please follow the following reports to understand this first permanent human rights court in Indonesia:


The Coalition of Civil Society for the Abepura case
This coalition consists of Koalisi Masyarakat Sipil untuk Kasus Abepura beranggotakan: Perhimpunan Bantuan Hukum Indonesia (PBHI), The Institute for Research and Advocacy ( ELSAM Jakarta ), Institute for Human Rights Studies and Advocacy ( ELSHAM Papua ), Legal Aid of Papua (LBH Papua), Commission on Anti-Violence and Disappearances of Papua (KONTRAS Papua), Office of Justice and Peace of the Catholic Diocese of Jayapura ( SKP Keuskupan Jayapura ), Justice and Peace Bureau of the Christian Church in Papua, Democratic Alliance for Papua (ALDP), Institute for Research and Empowerment of Women and Children Papua (LP3AP), Legal Aid and Empowerment of Indonesian Women (LBH P2I), Legal Aid of Ujung Pandang, Makassar Intellectual Law (MILL), and the Commission of Legislative Monitoring (KOPEL). We keep you updated through our press releases: Contact the Coalition at:
Laurent Mayasari
(PBHI Jakarta) Gedung Sentra Cikini, Jl. Cikini Raya No. 58, S-T, Lt. 4, Jakarta 10330, Tel. +62-21-31922084, Fax. +62-21-3143965, HP. +62-815 8752662, Email:
Rudolf Kambayong OFM (SKP Jayapura), P.O. Box 1379, Jayapura 99012, Tel/Fax: +62-967-534993, Email:
News From Makasar
The court has convened its legal proceedings since 7 May 2004. In conjunction with the Coalition team, the Community of the victims has closely monitored the proceedings supported by human rights defenders all over the world. The following is some materials for the court proceedings:
Appeal for actions
This trial is the first permanent human rights court in the Indonesia's history of justice system. These legal proceedings will largely affect the future of the upholding of human rights. We, therefore, appeal to you to take action by sending letters of concern to the following addresses:
The Indonesian Supreme Court
Jl. Merdeka Utara No. 9-10
P.O. Box 1020
Jakarta 10010
Tel. +62-21-3843348

The Indonesian Chief of Police
General Da'i Bachtiar
Jl. Trunojoyo No.3
Jakarta Selatan
Tel. +62-21-7218012
Fax. +62-21-7207277


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